V1G - Stands without macrophyte vegetation, but with a natural or nature-close bottom and shore character


(Visualisation of selected environmental variables for habitats: PDF, 28 kB)

elevation [m]

average precipitation [mm]

average temperature [°C]

relation to the potential natural vegetation
  code cummulated vegetation unit%
 1Alluvial woodland20,63
 2Oak-hornbeam and lime oak woodland12,88
 3Ravine and scree woodland0
 4Herb rich beech woodland6,93
 5Calcicolous beech woodland0
 6Herb rich silver fir forest0
 7Acidophilous beech and silver fir woodland15,03
 8Perialpidic basiphilous thermophilous oak woodland0,13
 9Subcontinental thermophilous oak woodland0,08
 10Subacidophilous central European thermophilous oak woodland0,06
 11Acidophilous woodrush-, silver fir-, birch- and pine-oak woodland41,71
 12Basiphilous perialpine pine forests0,01
 13Acidophilous pine forests0
 14Climatic and waterlogged spruce forests1,98
 17Bogs and mires0,07
 18Vegetation on sites strongly influenced by human activity0,22
 19Water bodies0,26

distribution in phytogeographical regions
 Bohemian thermophyticum
 Pannonian thermophyticum
 Bohemian mesophyticum
 Carpathian thermophyticum
 Bohemian oreophyticum
 Carpathian oreophyticum
area [ha] % ČR segment count avg. segm. area [ha] var. coef. segm. area min. area [ha] max. area [ha]

Threatened species

Bryophytes (PDF, 58 kB)

Vascular plants (PDF, 56 kB)

Fungi (PDF, 98 kB)

Beetles - Carabidae (PDF, 52 kB)

Beetles - Staphylinidae (PDF, 79 kB)

Daily butterflies (PDF, 58 kB)

Spiders (PDF, 57 kB)

Molluscs (PDF, 65 kB)

Fish (PDF, 58 kB)

Amphibians (PDF, 58 kB)

Reptiles (PDF, 58 kB)

Birds (PDF, 58 kB)

Mammals (PDF, 58 kB)

Diagnostic, constant and dominant species

(Species not analysed for this level)

Syntaxons and their status

(based on Moravec a kol., 1995)

(syntaxons not elaborated for this level)


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Kučera, T. [ed.] 2005: Red book on Habitats of the Czech Republic. URL: http://www.usbe.cas.cz/cervenakniha/eng.